christian louboutin replica Introduces Nude Shoes For The Rest Of Us

christian louboutin replica

Fashion wisdom has long maintained that every woman needs a good nude shoe in her closet. After all, nothing else makes your legs look as long. But, where fashion has failed so many women is in providing so-called “nude” shoes in colors other than beige. Luckily, yesterday louboutin replica made some major strides to fix that — get ready for the de-beigeing of nude.

The New Nudes Collection, available at Bergdorf Goodman, includes such classic buy christian louboutin replica styles as the Pigalle Follies and the Iriza d’Orsay, now available in a range of five shades, from “fair blush” to “rich chestnut.” To show off the shoes’ allure, buy louboutin replica shows them worn fetchingly by three of our favorite fashion people: Shiona Turini, Nina Garcia, and Jane Keltner deValle. Together they prove that shoes as diverse as the women who wear them are long overdue.

The Cut reports that christian louboutin replica plans to expand his nude offerings beyond just these five shades, because, as the designer states: “There are two colors that I’m missing the range of in the middle. In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones.”

A welcome change, because, as Turini put it: “The shade of your very own skin never goes out of style.”

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